Treasure at Tampines Pricing (PSF) Details in Singapore

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No. of Rooms No. of Units Price Min. Sqft / Sqm
1 Bedroom 231 S$585K 484 / 45
2 Bedroom 265 S$750K 614 / 57
2 Bedroom Premium 160 S$845K 678 / 63
2 Bedroom + Study 313 S$845K 678 / 63
3 Bedroom 417 S$985K 947 / 88
3 Bedroom Premium 344 S$1.245M 1087 / 101
4 Bedroom 176 S$1.485M 1270 / 118
4 Bedroom Premium 187 S$1.595M 1367 / 127
5 Bedroom 110 S$1.875M 1722 / 160
Total 2203

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Treasure at Tampines is set to have a total of 2203 units available for occupants to reside in. Potential residents or interested investors can carefully take their pick from a range of units, starting from the 1 Bedroom to the 5 Bedroom. Depending on the number of occupants, you should be sure to select the unit will be able to fulfil your needs without any trouble involved.

The developer, Sim Lian Group Limited bought Tampines Court Estate in Singapore through collective sales for $970 million and renamed it as Treasure at Tampines. The condominium development spans a total of 702, 162 square foot (sq ft) and has a plot ratio of 2.8. The total amount for the sale of the development comprises other costs totalling up to $359 million, like topping up of the lease to the original number of 99 years and to enhance the intensification of the site area.

The pricing details in regards to the units of Treasure at Tampines has been said to be at $676 per square foot (psf) per plot ratio (ppr). The breakeven price of Treasure at Tampines is roughly estimated to be between an amount of $1,050 psf and $1,150 psf. While the launch price will vary from about $1,200 psf to about $1,400 psf.

The smallest unit available, the 1 Bedroom Unit, is about 463 sq ft. While the largest unit available, the 5 Bedroom Unit, will span about 1668 sq ft. While the number of units up for sale and the sizes for each one of them have been confirmed, the fixed prices for the respective units have not been put up yet at the moment.

Though the prices of each unit will undoubtedly vary, because of various factors such as the type of unit, size of the unit and even the view that the room gets. Certain flats in Singapore are entitled to an arresting and breathtaking view, witnessing beautiful sights as residents take a peek through the window. This explains why prices will be different for certain units. However, despite the difference in the pricing, as a future resident or investor, you should assess the units that Treasure at Tampines offers when you intend to purchase a unit carefully and pick the right one that will meet your needs.

While the type of unit will make up a huge part of your decision, Treasure at Tampines also provides an array of astounding facilities to make your stay in the development a satisfying one. The finalised information in relation to the prices of the units will be up and ready upon completion of the project. Feel free to reach out to our dedicated staff who will provide you with any assistance that you are looking for in regards to the prices, units or facilities.