Treasure at Tampines Site Plan in Singapore

Treasure at Tampines will feature a total of 128 facilities, with each one serving its own purpose making sure that residents will have a comfortable yet pleasant lifestyle in the comfort of their own development. Treasure at Tampines strives to entertain and satisfy future occupants with their myriad of in-house facilities specially designed to provide a high-end living.

Take a look at our detailed site plan or alternatively, read on below to find out more information about the first-rate facilities that you can find in Treasure at Tampines.

General Facilities

Just like any other condominium development around in Singapore, Treasure at Tampines will comprise the standard facilities to meet the basic needs of residents. Occupants will spot basic facilities like changing rooms, garden arrival, shuttle bus bay, side gate, washrooms and steam rooms.

Pool & Water Play

Treasure at Tampines will be featuring 24 exclusive facilities in this section of the site plan. This water paradise comprises different facilities for residents of all ages, from children, adults, elderly to families. Kids can either train their swimming skills at the Kid’s Pool or indulge in the same experience adults enjoy at the Rain Dance Kid’s Spa. Meanwhile, both adults and the elderly can enjoy other facilities like the Aqua Aerobic Pool and Rain Shower Spa.

Play & Fitness

Working out and fun will always come hand in hand, and at Treasure at Tampines you will find exactly just that with the number of facilities available. Challenge your friend or family member at the Rock Climbing Wall or sweat it out at the Fitness Garden as you bask in the warmth of the greenery.


Sometimes taking a break in your own home is just not enough, and going out of your development is not the right answer either. Treasure at Tampines desires to provide you with the solution to your never-ending problems with its multitude of facilities. Grab a book and get cosy and the reading lounge, or meditate with your neighbours at the Meditation Garden and get rid of some stress.


If it calls for a party then you should definitely know that Treasure at Tampines has all your party locations settled in the blink of an eye. Secure your seats at the Japanese Dining Pavilion or Alfresco Dining Deck and bring your friends or family along for a mini party or celebration!

Treasure Clubhouse

Enjoy numerous activities at these facilities, from the Game Studio, Culinary Studio to the Dance Studio. You will surely find yourself indulging in an activity or gaining a new hobby that will ensure that you have a fun-filled lifestyle at Treasure at Tampines. Otherwise, it can always be a time for you to relax at the Wifi Garden where you get the best of both worlds, the greenery and easy access to the Internet.

As at a resident of Treasure at Tampines, you can revel in scores of facilities and have a delightful experience in one of the best properties in the East Region of Singapore.