Singapore is indeed one of the richest city in the world with the best luxury houses with modern facilities. Usually, many can find quite a number of luxury condominiums and HDBs mainly located in major areas of the city.

But just like how it is for any other apartment that you would like to own, you have to keep in mind a few necessary tips before going into its purchase.

Appoint an agent

The first step to getting a luxury estate is to appoint a property agent. You have to appoint an agent that has adequate experience in the market. One with proper experience will be able to go through the balance units chart with you and explain what each part of the chart represents and means.

Besides educating you on how to purchase a property, you should ensure that you stick with just one agent because having multiple agents might cause yourself to have confusion and mix-ups.

Decide the location

You need to consider location when getting a luxury estate. Singapore has different estates in different locations some of which are at the heart of the city while some at the outskirt. But you must also know that the location of the estate determines the price.

Luxury estates located at the centre of the city and commercial hubs are more expensive and valuable than those located at the boundary.

Seek for estates with modern facilities

Usually, people want to live in a luxury estate to enjoy modern facilities and basic amenities. This would mean looking at the establishment’s site plan for a better idea of what’s inside it.

Standard facilities usually include a home gym, tennis court, swimming pool, bbq pits, playgrounds and so on. These real estates usually feature just about the same facilities, similar to how it is for the Treasure at Tampines launch – a great example to look at for a rough idea of what you will be able to enjoy when you get a luxury real estate.

Locations of Luxury Estates in Singapore

Though there are many luxury estates available all over Singapore, you can typically find a few good ones at these locations. While the Treasure at Tampines launch is indeed an already fantastic establishment, here are some of the other major places where luxury estates are located.

  • Holland Village: These luxury estates are located at the heart of the city and possibly have some of the best amenities. Surrounding the establishments are many great restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping locations that are great for both locals and tourists. This area is also best known for being a ‘bohemian enclave’ in Singapore, for its unique 60’s and 70’s design that can be seen across various shops.
  • Orchard Road: Orchard Road contains one of the best luxury estates within the city. It is located at the commercial hub of the city and usually boasts extravagant establishments. Known for its plentiful shopping options, this area allows locals to enjoy shopping their heart out to bag home items from famous brands.
  • Marina Bay: Marina Bay is the largest luxury estate in Singapore in terms of landscape. The area is famous for its huge green space where people can relax and have fun. Additionally, many of Singapore’s well-known attractions are situated around the area, so the establishments in Marina Bay are known to be slightly pricier as compared to those in the outskirts of the country.

Living the dream by staying in a luxury real estate is possible. However, you have to keep in mind a few certain rules and understand which area to search when looking to buy a property. Once you have all these checked out – you are on your way to owning a luxury real estate.