The same way one visits a car showroom in search of a car with particular specs, visiting a property showroom before a purchase is a familiar process many undertake. This visit can prove very important in deciding whether to make the purchase or continue the search. Though one visit is unable to capture 100% what life in a particular home is like, you can get a good gauge of the property if you pay attention to the right details and ask the right questions.

Whether you are considering a resale flat, a BTO flat, or a balance unit at a condo like Treasure at Tampines, these tips of things to look out for at a property viewing will come in handy:

Surrounding environment

As much as the interior of the home is essential, the public facilities that surround the house are equally important when it comes to purchasing a particular piece of property. While property listings would list the facilities in the area, you should check if they are really as accessible as advertised.

Apart from facilities, also look out for the surrounding environment of the home, such as the presence of nature, the direction of the sun, neighbouring buildings, and the general vibes around the locality. All these are important as they will be where you have to walk past daily to get in and out of your home. You do not want to feel unsafe, or later regret choosing a location next to a noisy marketplace.


Buying a home is a huge purchase. Before checking out any homes, set a budget you are willing to spend for your new place, and don’t consider any that are out of your spending ability. Check with the seller or agent to ascertain if there are any additional costs for the home that are not listed in the property ad. Going out of the budget is not recommended as this will snowball into huge debts due to interest and loans.

Layout & space

One of the biggest reasons for conducting a home viewing is to see the layout and space of the home in person. While you may be able to request a floor plan in advance, viewing the home allows you to feel the area and imagine yourself living in it. Take note of the number of rooms, positioning, and the shape of the rooms. Ask which walls are structural and which can be hacked down. All this information will be useful to determine if the home is spacious enough for your family, and give you an indication of how to furnish the home. Some homebuyers will avoid oddly shaped rooms as this poses a challenge for laying out furniture, and may require additional carpentry works to build custom pieces.


Show flats are often brightly lit on purpose to give it a spacious and clean look. However, when the lights go off, reality may disappoint. Do observe the home in its natural lighting if you have the chance, and take note of where the sun enters the home. This is particularly important if you intend to grow plants in your home, or if you stay at home for large parts of the day. While most people would not find a dark and moody home ideal, a home that takes the heat of the direct sun would also be warm and uncomfortable to stay in.

Walls & floors

When you fork out so much money for a home, you likely wouldn’t want to spend extra to refurbish and fix the property. So, make sure to check all corners of the home for existing damages that will require you to spend more on repairs. The pertinent areas are the walls and floors. Peel your eyes for hairline cracks and popping tiles. While it may seem purely aesthetic at first, these problems may escalate in time and pose a danger to the structural integrity of the home or cause injuries when stepped on or tripped over. Hence, you ideally do not want any existing damage in your new home.

Built-in furniture

If you are browsing a resale home, take the built-in furniture into consideration. The built-in furniture in the home could either be a huge cost-saver if you decide to keep them as part of your new home, or a huge loss-maker if you decide to remove them. Custom carpentry is another considerable sum to spend, so let this be a crucial factor in determining whether to take the home or not.

It is also worthy to mention other built-in furnishings you should check for, such as power sockets, toilet fittings, and doors. As iterated above, these will cost you extra should you choose to redo them. It is always advisable to check if everything is in working order, and if you mind the style they are in.

Air conditioning

In scorching hot Singapore, most homes are likely to have an air conditioning system already built-in. When you buy the home, this includes the air conditioning system, so request to have a test-run of it to make sure it is working. Some may advise you to check the energy consumption rating as well, as this could have an impact on your electricity bill in the long-run. While it may seem nitpicky to reject a home due to its air conditioning, it is crucial to conduct the necessary checks so you don’t get a rude shock if you need to replace or repair the air conditioning units later on.

Looking for a new home is an exciting affair. To avoid unexpected costs and unpleasant surprises, it is recommended to give the property a thorough viewing to determine if it is suitable for you and your family. Put these tips to good use at the Treasure at Tampines show flats today!