In the real estate market, the term luxury property tends to be an overused strategy to sell. However, to make a home worthy of being called lavish, the amenities must truly shine. Luxury property features in a beautiful home like Treasure at Tampines are meant to make living simpler and more convenient. Along with a spacious layout, Treasure at Tampines uses cutting-edge innovation in developing its facilities with the aim of making life even simpler, more comfortable, and more stylish. They include the following:

Cutting-edge technology – 

Contactless waterfall faucets

These advanced taps are built with motion-detecting infrared sensors, making it possible to turn on the tap with a wave of the hand. They improve hygiene as you don’t need to come into contact with the faucet handles, and help to save water as it automatically shuts off when not in use

Smart toilets

The smart toilets have an array of features such as bidets with multiple modes, ergonomic seats, and seat warming. Some innovative functions also include Bluetooth connection, automatic seat lifting, an LED nightlight, and contactless double flushing. With this toilet, you can even save your favourite playlist for listening, or keep track of your health with its monitoring system.

Smartphone automation

Homes are equipped with a smart system that connects to your smartphone, making it handy to control your smart-enabled home appliances. This means that turning up the room temperature, checking your security system, and unlocking doors, can be achieved just by a swipe of your phone. For an added peace of mind, the built-in mobile security system also allows you to check on video surveillance of your home while you are out.

Electric charging station

Owners of electric cars need not worry as charging stations are readily available in the garage, ensuring your car is always sufficiently powered and ready to go.

Advanced coffee tap

Coffee lovers will love the smart coffee counter tap that connects to your phone using a specialised app to prepare coffee to suit your taste buds.

Hotel-like spa bathrooms

Full-length stone walls and heated flooring make for a luxurious and serene bathroom experience. The horizontal massage shower system brings you a new way to unwind after a long day. While lying on your back, front or side, be treated to a shower massage delivered by six shower heads with customisable water pressure, temperature, and strength.

Fully functioning outdoor living space

The outdoor living spaces are fully equipped for events and more. From basic necessities like a sink and sleek, tempered steel countertops, to useful additions like barbeques, coolers, and wood-fired pizza ovens, it covers all your food preparation needs for that outdoor party.

The living area is furnished for both class and comfort with high-end furniture. Completing the space is an outdoor theatre for all to chill out under the stars. A sense of space is not sacrificed as the floor plan reserves pockets of unused areas for room to breath.

If you are looking to take a dip, the temperature-controlled pools are a great place to do so. Not only is it relaxing, but a regular soak in a warm pool can also keep respiratory problems and stiff muscles at bay.

Personalized bar

You know you love your beer when nothing beats having your preferred lager on tap. With a range of lager barrel integrators you can install, you no longer have to go to a bar to have your favourite drink. What’s best, you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home where you have free reign as to the choice of music and ambience.

Indoor bowling alleys

Home bowling alleys add another dimension to your home and are an added option to your fitness regime. Also ideal as a family-friendly sport for family game nights, these integrated bowling alleys will surely impress your guests and contribute to lasting memories for many years to come.

Large windows

Expansive windows welcome natural light and complete your breezy, open-concept home. Enjoy spectacular, unobstructed views from dawn to dusk to unwind and be inspired by the surrounding nature.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with the latest lifestyle innovations, be sure to check out the available balance units Treasure at Tampines before they are fully booked!